My 3-Decade-Long Battle With 

Depression and Mental Health  

How to Become Unhackable in 2021 

Our Lives. Our Finances. Our Mental Health.

Whenever we lose something, we experience grief.  

Until we create a new future, we're prone to depression.

Headlines Tell a Powerful Story

"Anxiety and depression are following a remarkably similar curve to COVID-19 cases."

"In Japan, more people died from suicide last month than from COVID in all of 2020."

"One in Four Older Adults Report Anxiety or Depression Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Can you relate?

  * feelings of sadness, tearfulness,  emptiness, or hopelessness

  * feelings of restlessness
  * guilt
  * anger or irritability more than normal
  * withdrawing from things you used to
  * avoiding talking to friends and family 

  * changes in sleep
  * thoughts about harming yourself
  * changes in appetite or weight 

I know how you feel...literally!

Since the age of 10, I've battled depression, self-injury, and even, at times, suicidal thoughts. Over the past three decades, I've learned how to maintain positive mental health. Depression doesn't need to define your life.  

Discover how to win the battle of depression on a daily basis.  

What You Will Learn in the Video


Practical Coping Strategies

You need hope, not hype. Discover how to leverage the God-given tools around you and within you to stay healthy mentally. 


How to Transcend Labels

Stigmas and silence don't solve the problem. They only prolong the pain. Experience courage and confidence when you truly realize you're not alone. 


Healthy Self-Love

Your brain and body are sending you messages. Do you know how to decipher the meaning? Learn how to listen to your heart and navigate the noise all around you.


New-Found Freedom

Too many times, we wear a mask and pretend everything is just fine. By telling ourselves the truth, we take the first step toward freedom. Experience peace and joy, the byproduct of walking in truth. 

Your Next Steps  

You're either thinking, "I need this" or "I know someone who does."

Either thought is a prompt for you to take action - for yourself or someone else.

Which will you choose?

For YOU:
Become Unhackable

in 2021

Elixir Project Experience is a 30-day course designed to help you experience Unhackability in work and life. You'll receive training, daily email support, and access to an accountability group to help you stay on track through the journey.

Become an Unhackable Certified Coach

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